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Devilian; A Diabolical Dungeon Delve

Greetings and well-met: we’ve been expecting you! Rest your claws and let’s speak about why you’ve been summoned. Our besieged home, Aelkeina, is in need of proven adventurers with your fiendish skills and fortitude… and perhaps your appetite for combat and coin as well. However, whether the challenge you seek is to prove your valor by defeating the evils of this land or to battle for ultimate supremacy over your kindred brethren, we’ll need to test your mettle first.

In the vast, persistent world of Devilian's free-to-play and fully-featured MMO-ARPG environment, you will take up arms as a rampaging Berserker with mastery of sword, a mystical Evoker renowned for destructive spellcasting, a keen-eyed Cannoneer wielding powerful artillery, an agile Shadowhunter brandishing bladed chains, or a Tempest wielding two daggers and ninja like relfexes . Afflicted by an otherworldly war, their humanity corrupted by demonic forces, heroes of each discipline must learn how to unleash and harness the latent power of their infernal abilities. For that is what you are as well: a half-devil, a Devilian. And it is because of this that we need you to fight alongside us against a fallen god!

In Devilian, you will join thousands of other players who are fighting right beside you in the same game world. One of the most exciting parts of playing in this live persistent MMO environment is the challenging group dungeons you’ll be facing. See below as the Berserker stands on a cliff overlooking the entrance of Salt Mirage, a mid-level dungeon for a group of three players. Dungeons are hand-crafted adventures where you and your group mates face a series of challenging boss fights for a chance to earn glorious loot. Devilian features dozens of dungeons for both group and solo play at all levels. Devilian is all about jumping right into an adventure. You can use the Dungeon Finder tool, available once you’ve unlocked your first dungeon, to be matched up with others also looking for a dungeon group.

Devilian came out on Dec 10th. Click to sign up.

Specific Game Features
  • You are the last vanguard of Aelkeina, a half-devil hero fighting to save your world from a fallen god. Sign up for Beta and join thousands of players in this vast, persistent-world action RPG. Spread your wings, sharpen your steel, and unleash the devil within!
  • Join the fray as a Berserker, Evoker, Cannoneer, Shadowhunter, or Tempest. Each Class possesses a unique Devil Form you can level up – and unleash – to wreak havoc on your foes. Customize your character with advanced Skill Paths, collectible Talismans, Weapons, Armor, and other implements of dark intent.
  • Devilian combines the fast, visceral PvP of an action RPG with massively multiplayer scale. Dispatch your fellow players in 20-vs-20 battlegrounds, get intimate in 3-vs-3 affairs, and reap the rewards of wars fought between entire Guilds.
  • Come for the action, stay for the action … and the PvP, Crafting, Quests, Trading, Cities, Mounts, Pets, Guilds, Guild Alliances, Wars, Tournaments and Dungeons that make Devilian a fully-featured MMO – albeit one with a fresh perspective and devilish twist.
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